I’m a writer and a musician from Birmingham, UK. A husband and a father to three great people. I love books, baking and printing. I daydream badly.

I was raised by a charismatic and a ball-park methodist; two traditions which, though often rather conservative, carry within them a capacity for non-conformity. It never seemed a bad thing, to me, to be the weirdo on the edge of the group.

I find the Bible immersive, and read swathes as a child. I read it as a book of stories, and the most compelling character for me was always YHWH. I seemed to come to Jesus through YHWH, rather than the other way around, having grown up more on the Hebrew Bible than the New Testament. Then back to YHWH through Jesus again, and so on.

I’ve spent the last fifteen years working between theology, art and activism. Made a string of records; industrial beat-poetry to folk, always apocalyptic, and always looking for the sort of language that might help us unmask powers and contend for the image of God in everyday life. I’ve also written several books, the last one being about Jonah and the politics of enemy-love.

I don’t know if I’ve ever really deconstructed, as such. I seem to have, rather, reconstructed, from within the edges of the communities I’ve always been part of. Hopefully, from here I’ve been able to offer good things to the whole, and sometimes, no doubt, a bit of dissonance. In any case, I suppose I like it on the edges, because I’m really far more interested in what is going on out there, in God’s marvellous world, and up ahead in God’s strange future.

If you want to know a bit more about David, then you’re in luck, as we recently recorded this conversation…