It can be tough if your faith is evolving and shifting and you don’t have anyone around who understands. That’s why we created The Beloved Listener Lounge. It’s a safe place where we can share our stories, ask questions, and support each other.

To try and prevent it from becoming just another social media free-for-all, The Beloved Listener Lounge is a closed Facebook group that can only be accessed by those who are donating $1 or more through Patreon. ┬áThis is the best way we could think of to try and create a safe space for those really committed to the journey. But of course, if you genuinely can’t afford this, then just let us know as we certainly don’t want money to stand in the way of forming community.

So if this sounds like the kind of thing you’ve been looking for then sign up at Patreon, and head over to The Beloved Listener Lounge.