Nomad is and always will be free at the point of delivery — not unlike another beloved life-giving British institution (for our overseas listeners, that’s the National Health Service). The podcast is our gift to the world (and by ‘world’ we mean the chosen few who’ve been irresistibly drawn to it).

And just like the NHS, Nomad costs money. Quite a bit in fact. For the last eight years, we’ve been able to fund it entirely ourselves. But we can’t sustain that in the long term. And while it’s tempting to extract taxes from the entire population to fund it, we thought we’d rely instead on the generosity of you, the beloved listener.

So if you’d like to part with your tithes and offerings, it’ll help pay for website hosting and maintenance, podcasting hosting, software subscriptions and upgrades, equipment repairs and upgrades, travel expenses and perhaps even a bunch of flowers for our wives (who too often have stood by as we’ve plundered our annual leave and holiday savings to keep Nomad in production).

You can do this in two ways. One-off gifts and regular donations can be made by using the PayPal Donate button, and regular donations can be made using the Patreon button.

And should you decide to make a regular donation through Patreon, you’ll be blessed with a whole host of delights, including:

Nomad Extra – bonus interviews
Nomad Devotionals – guests reflections, readings, music and songs
The Beloved Listener Lounge – our online community
Nomad Book Club – read a book in community, then shape an episode of the show
And an exclusive Nomad mug!

Thanks, beloved listener!

Tim and David

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