In this episode former pastor Dana Hicks guides us through the evolving landscape of marriage and relationships. Dana explores how our cultural perceptions of marriage are shifting and challenging established norms, and ponders the relevance of biblical images of marriage for our modern context. With a focus on reimagining relationships, Dana helps us explore ideas such as relationship anarchy, and how they might help us shape the future of marriage.

After the interview, Nomad hosts Tim Nash and Nick Thorley reflect on the understanding of marriage they inherited, and how that’s being reshaped as their faith evolves.

Interview begins at 14m 07s

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Dana Hicks


The Knot: How to Secure Healthy, Modern Relationships While Not Being Tied to Marriage’s Past


“Relationship Anarchy says that we shouldn’t go into relationships with the understanding that we’re heading up some sort of relational escalator, but we need to agree to what those expectations are.”

“This notion that somehow the church has always had a monopoly on marriage and the definition of marriage and involvement in marriage is just not true historically.”

“Fidelity to love means we ask the question, not what form does marriage take, but how does it function in our lives? How do we create institutions that enable us to love each other and God in the most efficient and effective ways? The question of function is more important than the question of form.”

“Marriage exists to serve human beings, not the other way around.”

“Marriage is hard, but it’s hard because of the expectations we put on it.”


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