Nomad emerged back in 2009 when a few friends decided to broadcast their questions and concerns about church and mission. In many ways they were fairly comfortable with their evangelicalism, and back then no one was talking about deconstruction.

The conversations continued for a few years before they decided to call it a day. But then Tim Nash bumped into Dave Ward, a connection was made, inspiration was found and Nomad’s journey continued. Every couple of weeks they traveled, chatted and laughed as they interviewed leading theologians, activists and contemplatives. It was during those years that Nomad began to find its groove, slowly evolving into something with much more expansive, inclusive and progressive concerns than the evangelical church world from which the podcast had emerged.

In 2017 Dave decided to step down and friend of Nomad, David Benjamin Blower, stepped up. David’s arrival coincided with an experiment in online community in the form of Nomad’s Listener Lounge, monthly Devotionals, and a much more suitable theme tune! With the arrival of Jemimah McAlpine Nomad’s Book Club was launched together with an even broader set of interests and concerns. A Listener Map and the Nomad Gathering page were also created to connect listeners. As a result groups started popping up all over the world.

2019 saw the return of co-founder Nick Thorley, and the emergence of the beautifully crafted monthly Contemplations of Anna Robinson.

After 3 years of distinguished service, Jemimah called it a day, at the same time that Anna Robinson rose to co-hosting prominence. Most recently Joy Brooks has joined the co-hosting party.

So there’s been a lot of changes since 2009, but still at its heart, Nomad is a twice-monthly podcast, where a group of friends ask real questions and enjoy honest conversation as together they search for signs of hope in this post-Christendom wilderness.