In this episode we chat with pastor turned artist David Hayward, aka Naked Pastor. David shares his journey from church leadership, through faith deconstruction, to a more expansive spirituality. The conversation focusses on David’s marriage, and how he and his wife navigated the complex dynamics of reimagining their relationship amid profound spiritual change. It’s a candid and thoughtful exploration of faith, love, and personal growth.

After the interview Nomad hosts Tim Nash and Joy Brooks reflect on their own evolving faith and the impact on the own marriages.

Interview starts at 19m 37s.

Image used with permission


Naked Pastor


Til Doubt Do Us Part

Money Is Spiritual

The Lasting Supper


Questions are The Answer

Flip It Like This!

The Art of Coming Out

The Liberation of Sophia


Passionate Marriage – Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships – David Schnarch


“For me, what’s more important than specific beliefs is the spaciousness of a person’s mind and heart.”

“For me, deconstruction is a way of life because we should be questioning everything that we’re being taught, everything that we’re being told, or just the culture around us. We should always be questioning.”

“My deconstruction felt like a corrupt code being implanted in a hard drive that eventually corrupted the software.”

“If the church could catch on, if it would provide the space for people to go through their deconstruction without being judged or criticized or corrected, I think the church would not only stop leaking members, but would begin to grow again.”


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