Edwina Gateley is a mystic, and a social activist. Her life has been a rhythm of extended periods of prayer and solitude (including 9 months of silence in a caravan in a forest!) and activism (including establishing a mission agency that has sent hundreds of people into missions work around the world, and working with prostitutes on the streets of Chicago).

Through both her radical activism and deep contemplation Edwina’s understanding and experience of God and Church has been radically challenged and reshaped.   

After the interview, Nomad hosts Tim Nash and Jemimah McAlpine reflect on Edwina’s journey, how they now understand Church and mission, and how they now describe and relate to God. 

Interview begins at 11m 50s

Image taken by Tim Nash. Used with permission.


In God’s Womb: A Spiritual Memoir

I Hear a Seed Growing

There Was No Path – So I Trod One


“Our calling is to journey on faithfully and as we do that, God grows. God gets bigger until our definitions are no longer big enough for a divine presence that we can’t even begin to understand.”

“I think we’re all here for our own conversion – wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. We’re not here to change anyone. We are not able to change anyone. We’re only able to change ourselves. Our task here, I believe, on this globe is to grow into God – is to grow into a reflection of God’s presence here on Earth. And that means that we must constantly be open to being stretched, to allowing God to give us a deeper vision – a wider vision – as Jesus had.”


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  1. Dara West Feb 4, 2019

    Very powerful. Thank you!!

  2. Jacqui Feb 23, 2019

    Enjoyed this. What a woman! Thanks for tracking her down!

  3. Christine Winter Feb 3, 2022

    Inspiring talk. Thank you.

  4. Beatriz Feb 10, 2022

    So many good things to ponder about Edwina’s talk. I did not realise that I had a mystic period in my life where I felt incredibly close to God, especially on the cross. I was probably 11 years old, that memory has accompanied me for nearly 50 years. That mysticism has not disappeared but has changed its shapes and forms. Thank Edwina, you have helped me to understand myself and my relationship with God a little more.

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