Mike McHargue is the host of the podcast Ask Science Mike, co-founded of the The Liturgists Podcast and author of Finding God in the Waves. He’s a public educator who weaves together insights from science and faith to help people figure out what it means to live well.

We ask Mike the question that scientists, philosophers, theologians and self-help gurus have wrestled with for thousands of years: why do we do the things we do? Or rather, why so often do we not do the things that we want to do?! Why, for example, do we binge Netflix when we know taking a walk outside would be better for us, or why do we scroll Facebook when our real friends live just down the street. Drawing on science, personal revelation, and spiritual insight, Mike shows us how to live more at peace with ourselves and the world around us.

After the interview Nomad hosts Tim Nash and Nick Thorley reflect on how Mike’s ideas might shape their evolving faith.

Interview starts at 16m 47s. 

Image used with permission.


You’re a Miracle (and a Pain in the Ass): Understanding the Hidden Forces That Make You You

Finding God in the Waves: How I lost My Faith and Found it Again Through Science


Ask Science Mike

The Liturgists


“Unfortunately I don’t think – until very recently – my faith was a positive influence on my mental health. The version of Christianity I grew up in is exactly what trained me to be co-dependent, it is what trained me to avoid my feelings, it is what trained me to participate in more toxic forms of masculinity, and is something I’ve spent a lifetime trying to unlearn and unprogram.”

“I don’t have any sophisticated answers to faith questions. I simply love and experience God, and that experience makes me feel whole in a way that I can’t articulate to people. But when I’ve tried to get away from it because of frustrations about philosophy or epistemology or these really multi-syllable terms, somehow God always finds their way back into my life.”


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