Scot McKnight is professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary, Illinois, a prolific author and founder of the hugely popular Jesus Creed blog.

Scot recently wrote a book called King Jesus Gospel, so he seemed like the man to help us understand the meaning of the good news.

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King Jesus Gospel


“The fundamental question of New Testament evangelism is, ‘Who do you think Jesus is?’”

“When wrath is the fundamental problem, penal substitution is the solution, because if it’s wrath then we want that wrath pacified. That’s called ‘propitiation’…and a lot of people think the gospel is fundamentally about pacifying the wrath of God. That’s one image of atonement in the Bible, that the wrath of God has been pacified. I’d say that it is one, so it’s true. It is only one, so it’s not the only one we should use.”

“The question I would ask is this: is there any evidence in the New Testament that the apostles or Jesus evangelized by awakening people to the prospect of Hell when they died? I don’t see it.”


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