We felt these unprecedented times deserved an unprecedented episode of nomad. So for the first time we recorded a remote episode, with Jemimah beaming in from Cardiff, David from Birmingham, and Tim and Nick from Nottingham. 

To help stimulate the conversation, we thought we’d ask the Listener Lounge for questions. 

So tune in if you want to know how we’re coping with the pandemic, what signs of hope we’re seeing, whether we still believe in God, what prayer means to us, the most significant thing we’ve learnt from the nomad journey, the most cringe-worthy thing we’ve said during an interview, the funniest things our kids have said recently, and much much more!

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Letters and Papers from Prison

The Challenge of Jesus

Your Brain on Porn


“I think there’s huge amounts of encouragement and comfort knowing that other people are asking similar questions and struggling with similar things and deconstructing things. But then also realizing that some people are doing that within church, some people are doing that post-church, some people are on the journey having never really gone to church. So, I think that commonality but also the diversity within that is both comforting and reassuring and interesting and creative.”

“Eleven years ago, I’d have told you very clearly who I thought God was. I’d have probably talked about the Trinity, and their different roles, and how I related to them, and that sort of stuff. But now, I don’t really think about God as a being that I can identify or define – it goes beyond all that. I feel like my experience of life is my experience of God. But I do still think that’s rooted in the Christian tradition, because I still find Jesus a really compelling figure who I find really inspiring. I just don’t attempt to define God anymore – it just kind of is life.”

“Every day when I pray, in a way I’m asking the same two questions: Why is there so much senseless loss; why so much pain? And then the other question is: Why do I get to be here? Everything is beautiful, everything’s wonderful. I get to be in another day. And those two ‘whys,’ I think they’re always there. I remember asking them as a child – why am I not a rock? Why do I get to be a conscious being? It’s amazing. But they’re not questions that are asked in search of answers. The questions are the answers. To be with the questions is to be with God in some way.” 


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