Theologian Selina Stone joins us to share her experience of growing up in a black Pentecostal church, the questions and doubts she wrestled with, and the answers she found in womanist theology.

Among other things, Selina reflects on the limitations of traditional theology, the role of spirituality in fostering well-being, her evolving relationship with the Bible, and why she now no longer regularly attends church.

Following the interview Tim and Anna reflect on their own evolving faith journey, and ponder what role womanism might play in it.

Interview starts at 16m 39s

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Selina Stone


Tarry Awhile: Wisdom from Black Spirituality for People of Faith


Sisters in the Wilderness – Delores Williams

Making a Way Out of No Way – Monica Coleman

Battered Love – Renita Weems

Womanist Midrash – Wilda Gafney


“Womanism is borne out of this desire to centre Black women’s experiences of the bible, of theology, of the church and of the world in order to make sure that we’re paying attention to the intersecting ways that injustice actually works in the world.”

“Abstract questions that we will never resolve are seen as the important, essential work whereas these questions that are affecting us every single day are seen as secondary and unimportant.”

“Black women recognize Jesus as somebody who is familiar with what it is to be brutalised by unjust systems, somebody who knows what it is like to be betrayed by those who you trust, somebody who knows what it is to live in a body that is despised and treated with disregard and disrespect.”

“There are surely many ‘Hagars’ among us who have experienced what it is to be treated as collateral damage by people who are pursuing what they believe God has called them to – whatever the cost.”


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