Host Joy Brooks has gathered a group of psychotherapists from the Nomad therapy network to see how they answer questions from members of the Beloved Listener Lounge.

Considering questions such as “what makes therapy transformational?”, “what would you say to someone who was told to trust the bible not feelings?”, “how can I function while feeling like I can’t live with God and can’t live without God?” and “how can I work through the effects of purity culture and toxic religious attitudes towards sex?”, we get to listen in on a Q&A with a therapeutic twist.

Q&A starts at 20m 36s

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Nomad Therapy Network

Abi Graves

Jim Bawden

Michelle Leeder


“So much of the work that I’m doing personally and I see my clients going through is almost deconstructing this idea that there is a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong,’ and learning to live with the conflict with compassion and curiosity.” – Michelle Leeder

“We all by the fact of existence experience reality through our own set of filters – that’s just a given.” – Jim Bawden

“Taking those moments to be with yourself, to be with your emotions – to be curious about yourself and your emotions – can make a huge difference in our lives.” – Abi Graves

“So often once we get to know those different, conflicting parts of ourselves, we can really value both of them and what both of those parts have to say for us.” – Joy Brooks


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