Greetings, Beloved Listener, and welcome to our listener map.

We get a steady trickle of emails from listeners asking if we know of any other like-minded ‘nomads’ in their area. More often than not, we don’t. And so the idea of a Listener Map was born.


What they are, what they’re not

Nomad is simply providing the technology to help groups form. We aren’t taking responsibility for them, or overseeing them in any way. They’re not ‘Nomad Groups’ — they’re simply groups of people who have Nomad in common.

While you may wish to discuss episodes of Nomad, or experiment with Nomad Devotionals and Contemplations, these gatherings are entirely free to become whatever you need them to be.


How it works

When signing up for the first time, simply register your town/city, county/state and country on the map (if you’re in London, enter the area of London in town/city, e.g. ‘Shoreditch’, and ‘London’ as the county). If your pin doesn’t appear on the map, let us know, as sometimes we have to refresh the page.

Please add a profile picture and a bit of blurb about yourself, so we can feel like we’re connecting with other humans (* for reasons beyond our comprehension, the map isn’t currently allowing people to upload photos. But fear not, simply head over to gravatar click on ‘Create Your Own Gravatar’ and upload your photo, and all should be well).

If there are other registered listeners nearby, you can reach out to them via the private messaging service and arrange a place to meet.

If there’s no one in your area yet, don’t worry! You can be the first, and hopefully others will follow. In the mean time, why not head over to our Patreon page, where you can access our Facebook group where we’re experimenting with online community.

If you do meet up with others in your area and decide to form a group, please come back and register again as a Listener Group.


It’s secure

The pin on the map won’t reveal your exact geographic location. It’s only an approximation. People can only contact you via our private messaging service.

Your personal details are secure. We won’t publish, share or sell any of your personal details to any third parties, they will only be used on the Listener Map. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

In addition, we advise you to follow safe guidelines if you decide to meet up with someone.



Individuals look like this on the map:
Listener Groups look like this:

If you’d like to help with the cost of setting up and maintaining this map, please feel free to donate through PayPal. Thanks!

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