Having read the Gospel of John, Nomad hosts Joy Brooks, Nick Thorley and Tim Nash get together for a chat about the Bible. They reflect on the view of the Bible they inherited, the role it played in their deconstruction, how it felt reading the Bible again after a number of years, and what role the Bible might play in the ongoing evolution of their faith.

Conversation starts at 26m 16s

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  1. Tim H Aug 14, 2023

    Interesting to think that 20? to 50? years ago (i.e. when we were ‘formed’ as Christians) there was no way that this conversation could have been had. Before the internet there was no way to unpack thoughts like this because there was no anonymous audience that would be created. The internet has brought about a permanent change to institutional Christianity.

    There are definitely forms of spirituality that are being created now due to possibilities of the internet. This stuff is seminal.

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