Therapist, researcher and writer Hillary McBride is back on the show, this time to talk about toxic masculinity. Hillary takes us through some of the various characteristics and manifestations of toxic masculinity, reflects on why it has become so pervasive in Western society, why it often show up in our images of God and in the religious leaders we follow, and how men can begin to recognise and move beyond these limiting and oppressive social constructions.
After the interview, Nomad hosts Tim Nash and Joy Brooks reflect on their own experiences of toxic masculinity, how it shaped the faith they inherited, and how they now understand and relate to gender.

Interview starts at 16m 35s

Image used with permission.


Hillary McBride


The Wisdom of Your Body: Finding Healing, Wholeness, and Connection Through Embodied Living

Mothers, Daughters, and Body Image: Learning to Love Ourselves as We Are


“There’s something about the way that masculinity hegemonically is constructed right now that boys feel like they have to distance themselves from their more tender, more vulnerable emotions as a way of belonging to their social group.”

“When shame is unnamed, then it tends to have more control than it needs to.”

“The practice of making space in our lives is really important. If we are over-functioning, if we’re acting tough, if we’re suppressing emotion, if we’re over-working or numbing out, there isn’t any room to encounter the things that are underneath.”


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