Passionate about creating safe spaces for people on the margins of faith and life, Kathy Escobar talks to us about the values and practices that help us to connect with ourselves and others at difficult times. Through shifting faith and traumatic loss, she shares principles that have guided her towards a more congruent and healthy spirituality.

Following the interview, Nomad hosts Nick Thorley and Joy Brooks consider how they have related to emotional and physical challenges alongside their own evolving faith.

Interview starts at 14m 26s

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Kathy Escobar


Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus

A Weary World: Reflections for a Blue Christmas

Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward When Everything You Believe Is Coming Apart


“Unravelling is a continual thing; there’s not necessarily an end to it.”

“Practice is not a head-game. It’s an action. Embodied. Showing up.”

“The practice of ‘parodoxing’ is learning how to live into dissonant things at the same time. And to own it, and not try to squeeze either of them out.”

“The good part about community is that it gives a chance that when somebody is hopeless, that someone in the room has a little.” 


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