Nomad cannot take responsibility for your experience on the Listener Map, or for your safety when meeting with someone you’ve connected with through the Listener Map. Remember, anyone can register on the Listener Map, and we don’t moderate any of the interactions and connections made on the Map. Consequently, the Listener Map could potentially be abused. So we think it’s wise to take some precautions if you decide to meet up with someone offline. 

Do a little background checking 

  • Before meeting them, try to get to know the person 
    • Exchange messages via the map’s messaging system or email
    • Check them out on social media and Google
    • If they have very few friends, their photos have no tags, their photos don’t include family members, friends, or everyday activities, it’s possibly a fake account
  • Be cautious about sharing personal information
    • For example, until you are sure you can trust them, don’t share your home or work address
  • If for any reason you feel uneasy, don’t meet up with them
  • You can easily block a user, so you will no longer receive any messages from them through the Listener Map

Plan your get together 

  • We strongly advice that when you meet up with someone from the Listener Map, you take someone else with you
    • If more listeners have registered in your area then arrange to meet as a group
  • When you meet someone for the first time, meet in a neutral, public space
    • Don’t meet at their house or invite them to your house
    • Don’t accept an offer to be picked up at your house
    • Meet somewhere that you know well so you know how to get home
  • Tell other friends or family members who you are meeting, and where you are meeting
    • Set your phone to share your location with your friends or use an app like Spyzie
  • If the meeting is not going well and you are feeling uncomfortable, make your excuses and leave politely

If in doubt, don’t meet up

  • If for any reason you feel uncomfortable, trust your instincts and don’t meet up
    • You are under no obligation to meet anyone you connect with on the Listener Map
    • You don’t have to give a reason to cancel a planned meeting 

A lot of people have meet through the Listener Map and many friendships and groups have formed, without incident. But obviously meeting up with someone you only know online does carry risks. Nomad cannot take responsibility for your safety. But your safety is really important to us, so please consider implementing these safety guidelines.