Host of the In the Shift podcast Michael Frost is a researcher, writer and theologian. In this episode he shares from his own experience of faith and church, as he unpicks the language that has so often been co-opted in Christian spaces to enforce power and perpetuate unhealthy systems of control.

Afterwards Nick Thorley and Joy Brooks consider the impact of this misuse of power on their own lives and reflect on how they have found healthier ways of engaging with their own faith.

Interview starts at 15m 34s

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In the Shift


Michael Frost


“The story of Jesus is of a minority, marginalized figure within a very powerful empire who was killed – executed by the state – that’s what’s at the heart of the story. And I think when the church is at the margins, it probably understands that story better.”

“It’s a really awful thing to come to terms with somebody or some community that you thought was one thing that turned out to be something else.”

“We can’t change things unless we own how we got here. But to own it without shame and self-loathing.”


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  1. When is Tim Nash coming back?

    • That’s nice of you to ask, Anna. I shall be back in the next episode! Thought I’d take a bit of a break to recharge my batteries. Tim

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