Sally Smith joins us for the third part of our series on the migrant crisis. In this episode we hear about the fascinating and inspiring story that emerged when Sally opened the doors of her dying church to asylum seekers and refugees. She’s seen large numbers come to faith, she’s reunited mothers with their children, she’s personally housed refugee families, and her church has become a hub for work with the most vulnerable in Stoke. 

Interview starts at 6:41

Image provided by Sally Smith. Used with permission.


Sanctus: Supporting Asylum Seekers and Refugees


“It’s not really about doctrine, it’s about love, it’s about welcoming Jesus… I really believe that when we welcome Asylum seekers and refugees, when we welcome anybody in the name of Jesus we are welcoming Jesus himself.”

“One of the beautiful things about Sanctus and the people who come is, I say you’ve been born into a new kingdom where everybody belongs and there are no passports needed and no border agency, no immigration detention centre… everybody is equal. There is neither Jew nor Greek nor slave nor free nor male nor female. It doesn’t matter what the home office says about you… we are now one family and we come together with the Eucharist.”


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  1. Rod Williams Jan 7, 2017

    Well Andy/Tim and Dave, just listened to what was, for me, the best Nomad interview ever. Sally Smith is a saint with a capital S. Also a prophet, a rasul/nabi.
    I hung on every word, shouting “Yes, yes”, and often nearly to tears. Yes indeed, Dave, “we need more people like that.”
    When you’ve made previous appeals to donate, this beloved listener has thought “I should do that”. But this time I went straight to the Sanctus site and sent my Aussie dollars. Thanks to you guys for interviewing Sally. (For newbies to Nomad I reckon it would be good to add her interview to your Highlights from the Archives.)
    A blessing on your heads

    • Thanks Rod, really encouraging to hear that you found the episode with Sally so helpful! While I do love some theological wrestling, it is really refreshing to come across someone who just throws themselves into loving people.
      Good idea about adding that episode to the ‘highlights from the archive.’ I’ll do that when I get a minute.
      Thanks for dropping us a line. Stay in touch.
      Andy (Tim)

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