In many ways, Nomad has been quite an intellectual journey. And as much as we love some good old fashioned theological cut-and-thrust, we’ve increasingly aware that if this journey is going to be sustainable, it’s got to be an holistic one. So each month we’ll be producing Nomad Devotionals, through which we’ll be experimenting with readings, prayers, liturgies and songs. We’re making the first one free to everyone, so you can decide whether you’re interested in joining us on this leg of the journey. If you are, then head over to our Patreon or PayPal membership pages and make a small monthly donation.

This devotional was made with help from Rabbi Margaret Jacobi from Birmingham’s Progressive Synagogue; theologian and urban gardener Sam Ewell; and Brian McLaren, who kindly gives the benediction. The song Hallelujah Sing Exulting was adapted from an old hymn by Martin Gensichen (1879-1965). All other music is by David Benjamin Blower. The song Come Holy Spirit is Public Domain (as is Hallelujah Sing Exulting).

Devotional begins at 14m 17s

Image used with permission.


“There are two aspects to God and one of them is that awesome aspect that you can see in the amazing nature of creation and in that story of the revelation at Mount Sinai but also there’s the aspect of God which perhaps is embodied in the shekhinah idea of God being very near to you and sustaining you, helping you through life.”

“Because the new creation is breaking in, we live in this new age. Jesus has been raised, he’s the first fruits of a new creation, he’s been present with us, he leaves us with a spirit. And so what it means to be led by the spirit is, wherever we are…we get to garden with God.”


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  1. Deep, deep thanks for making this. I’ve been weary and jaded and not in the mood to hear anyone talking ABOUT God–just wanting exactly what you said: to be with Scripture and without analyzing it–craving something devotional that felt simple and honest. This was it. And with those beautiful songs that felt fed by the roots of British Isles traditional music to boot. 🙂 Rabbi Margaret Jacobi talking about shekinah: also beautiful. Thanks for doing this, more than you know. I signed on. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jen. So glad you liked it! It felt like a risk as we’d not done anything like this before. So it’s great to hear that you found it helpful! Tim

  2. Steve Koelker Jun 6, 2017

    Brilliant all round! Wonderful devotional. Looking forward to more. David’s music is terrific. I’m not familiar with either hymn. Can you share the sources?

    • Hi Steve. Glad you liked it! The song’Hallelujah Sing Exulting’ was adapted from an old hymn by Martin Gensichen. And the other song David wrote himself.
      Can’t wait to see what he comes up with in the coming months! Tim

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