Every now and then we like to interview a fellow podcaster who, like us, is creating a space for an open and honest exploration of the Christian faith. And Justin Brierley is one such person. Over the last 11 years he’s been producing Unbelievable?, on which he moderates conversations between Christians and people from other faiths and none. So firstly I took the opportunity to see if he suffers from the same podcaster insecurities that I do. Then we dug into whether apologetics – the rational defence of the faith – still has a place in our post-secular culture, and in a  faith that seems increasingly comfortable with mystery and doubt.

Image provided by Justin Brierley. Used with permission.

If you’ve never got into apologetics before and are looking for a good introduction, then Justin’s book Unbelievable?: Why After Ten Years of Talking with Atheists, I’m Still a Christian is for you. It’s really well written, with loads of anecdotes from his show and personal life, and gives a very readable, clear introduction to why Christianity makes rational sense. – Tim



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