In many ways Brian Zahnd is like many of Nomad’s guests in that he deconstructed (although he doesn’t like that term) what he came to see as a very narrow faith, and reconstructed something much deeper and broader. The difference with Brian, though, is that he went through this process while pastoring a mega-church. So we asked him, how can you lead a church, or indeed be a member of a church, when your faith is changing and you feel like you’re in a very different place from everyone else.

Image provided by Zahnd Photography Used with permission.

If you want more from Brian (and why wouldn’t you?!), you’re in luck, as he’s written a ton of books, all of which are very readable and packed full of wisdom and insight. I particularly enjoyed Water to Wine, which tells the story of Brian’s disenchantment with pop Christianity and his search for a more substantive faith. And Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God, in which Brian contrasts the angry God theology many of us inherited, with the unconditional love of God we see in Jesus.

Oh, and if your faith is changing and evolving and you don’t know anyone you can share that with, then consider registering on our Listener Map. Who knows, perhaps another Nomad listener lives just around the corner…

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