Inspired by a glorious summer of sport, Nomad thought we’d bring you a story that seamlessly links mission and sport. So we met up with the Amos Trust‘s Chris Rose. Chris has got an amazing story to tell of gathering together street child from around the world for a football World Cup! Hard to believe I know, but it happened! Tune in to find out more.

Image provided by Amos Trust. Used with permission.

“One of the boys in South Africa said, ‘When people see me standing by the roadside, they see me as a street boy. When they see me play football, they see me as a person like them, and they’re people like me.’”

“We have consistently failed to even vaguely grasp the good news of the gospel because we have managed to box it up with something which is negative and we’ve managed to give it in a language which is about ‘us and them,’ as opposed to ‘us.’ We’ve manage to do things about entry labels and all this stuff, which is just nonsense. I’m far more concerned what people do than what they believe, ultimately. I’m reasonable happy to let God be the one who’s concerned with what people believe.”


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