Andrew Marin grew up in a conservative church, and much to his surprise developed a calling and passion to build bridges between the Church and the LGBTQ community. So he moved into a gay part of town, and spent all his time getting to know people in gay bars. So as you can imagine, there’s plenty for us to learn from the remarkable journey he’s been on.

Image provided by Andrew Marin/Wikimedia. Used with permission.


Love Is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community

Us versus Us


“Christians love to hang out with other Christians. I’m over it. Get outside your church, stop hanging out with Christians, have actual friends in the real world that don’t believe the same stuff that we do.”

“We talk too much. I’m tired of people talking about the gospel like it’s some academic, intellectualized thing. Jesus never spoke about a ‘gospel.’ He lived his life and we call what he lived and how he spoke ‘the gospel.’”


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