John Polkinghorne has spent more years than we’ve been alive inhabiting the world of science and faith. He’s a theoretical physicist, theologian and Anglican priest. He’s been Knighted by the Queen and has received the coveted Templeton Prize for his exceptional contribution to affirming life’s spiritual dimension. So who better to ask a few questions about life, the universe and everything?!

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Science and Religion in Quest of Truth

Reason and Reality: The Relationship Between Science and Theology


“I often like to say that I’m two-eyed: I view the world through the eye of science and through the eye of religion. And I think with that two-eyed vision, I can see further and deeper than I could with either eye on its own.”

“I think our ultimate ground of hope and belief is of course the reality of God himself. And we learn about that, I think, through the works of creation, things that God has made – that’s what science tells us about. We also learn it through the way God has acted to reveal his nature to people from time to time – that’s what I think the Bible is. It’s not a guarantee textbook of infallible propositions. It’s a story of God’s unfolding – the divine nature and the divine purpose – to a succession of people, and we are privileged to enter into that revelation.”


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