We at Nomad recently had a revelation, perhaps we can learn from non-Christians as well as Christians (I know!). So we headed down to London and visited the Sunday Assembly, or The Atheist Church as it’s become known.

After ‘worshipping’ with 300 atheists, we had a chat with Pippa Evans one of the founders of what’s becoming a global movement, and try to figure out what the Church can learn from the friendlier face of new atheism.

Image provided by Matt Crockett. Used with permission.


“I quite like the idea of cutting out the middle-man and just having people doing good things because they’re good people, rather than because there’s a reward at the end or because someone’s told you to do it.”

“What I used to love about church was wherever I am – wherever in the country – I know that there’s a church in a town that will have its doors open and you can go and sit in there and be quiet if you want to. I’d love it if Sunday Assembly could offer that same solace.”


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