We’ve somehow managed to persuade Tom Wright, one of the world’s leading New Testament theologians, to come on the show for a third time! We ask Tom to summarise his 1680 page Paul and the Faithfulness of God, and ponder whether if he met him whether he’d actually like Paul?

Image provided by University of St Andrews. Used with permission.


Paul and the Faithfulness of God

Paul: A Biography


“The vision of this united church which Paul is so emphatic about is so totally unlike anything that we in the Western churches know today. And I think Paul would be horrified at the way we in the West have colluded with apparent disunity.”

“What Paul does is not give a blueprint for what everyone must do on all possible occasions. He teaches them how to think Christianly and then says, ‘Now, go figure it out. Where do you live? What does the gospel look like when you walk outside your front door tomorrow morning? You’ve got to think that through.’ And it seems to me that there there is all the scope in the world for all kinds of fresh expressions.”


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