Michael Hardin is a theologian who’s got a rather colourful background and doesn’t mince his words, which always makes for an interesting interview. So we asked him whether God is really as violent as the Old Testament makes out, and whether he really had to kill his own son in order to forgive us.

Image provided by Michael Hardin. Used with permission.


The Jesus Driven Life: Reconnecting Humanity with Jesus


“Every ‘penal substitutionist’ at some point has to engage in a tit-for-tat logic. No matter how they play their theory out, forgiveness is essentially earned. They can claim grace, they can claim that they’re dealing with God’s unconditional love. But essentially, you have to accept what God gave you or you’re doomed.”

“We learn from the cross how important it is to forgive the enemy other, how important it is to live in peaceful relationships. In fact, if you aren’t a forgiving victim, you can only perpetuate the cycle of violent seeking retribution. The forgiving victim is the only victim that stops the cycle of violence and I think that’s what gives such power to the cross.”


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