Sharon Baker is a theologian and author who is best known for taking issue with the traditional understanding of hell. Instead she holds to a ‘Christian Universalism’ where all people are refined by God’s purifying fire after their death. Tune in and join the debate…

Image provided by Sharon Baker. Used with permission.


Razing Hell: Rethinking Everything You’ve Been Taught About God’s Wrath and Judgment


“I can’t see reconciliation – the chance for reconciliation – ending. When you think about how the length of eternity and then in comparison to that one lifespan, it’s like the snap of our fingers. If our souls are immortal…and I think they are, then why would the chance for eternal reconciliation end in the snap of a finger? Why wouldn’t we get a chance for reconciliation if our souls are still alive after our body dies?”

“Salvation isn’t this autonomous ‘I’m going to Heaven.’ That’s not what it’s about. And that, especially in the West, that’s what we’ve made it about. We made it about our own little salvation ‘get-out-of-Hell-free’ card. And that’s not what salvation is about. It’s about living now for God’s glory, transforming the world through the love of God now – in the Kingdom of God, here on Earth. It’s about loving God enough to live the way God would want us to live in this lifetime and seeing the world redeemed now – not in the afterlife.”


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