Theologian, church leader, and author Greg Boyd is back on the show.

Greg believes a call to non-violence is at the heart of the gospel. He also believes this call impacts how we relate to animals. That’s right, Greg’s a vegetarian. Check out the interview to find out why.

Image provided by ReKnew. Used with permission.


The Myth of a Christian Nation: How the Quest for Political Power Is Destroying the Church


“Legalism sees the rules as an end in and of themselves and therefore there are no exceptions, whereas a holistic life principle always has love as the driving thing – what’s the loving thing to do? Usually, the loving thing to do, for me anyways, is to not eat meat. But sometimes, in some circumstances it might be to compromise my own principles and eat it.”

“My core passion is to help Christians wake up to the ways in which the church has been co-opted by the culture and to live a distinct Kingdom life that’s going to contrast with the culture in significant ways. And until the church is the church, dressing up the world and trying to get everyone else to do the right thing is really beside the point.”


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