Bob Ekblad serves immigrants, inmates, homeless people and people struggling with addiction in the US. What’s even more interesting about Bob though is how he seamlessly combines social justice with a miraculous healing ministry!

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A New Christian Manifesto: Pledging Allegiance to the Kingdom of God


Tierra Nueva


“We attract a lot of middle-class people into our ministry who feel drawn to reach out to people on the margins. A lot of middle-class people come and are able to see the power of the love of God at work and they see how bright the light is that they actually carry. But you’re not going to see that if you’re just keeping it all to yourself or it’s within your own insider community.”

“It’s not about just accommodating people in their addictions and just offering them a blanket tolerance policy. We want to call people towards freedom. And so we try to let them hear from Jesus. We believe that it’s the kindness of God that leads to repentance, so we need communities of inclusion and love but also where the Word of God is communicated, where people can be challenged to step forward and to follow Jesus, to leave behind behaviours, to experience liberation and deliverance sometimes too.”


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