Nadia Bolz Weber is anything but boring, Raised in a fundamentalist church, she rebelled, immersed herself in a hedonistic lifestyle, found faith again, and now leads House for all Sinners and Saints. Tune in for a fascinating interview, full of insight, wisdom, and gritty honesty.

Image provided by Nadia Bolz Weber. Used with permission.


Cranky, Beautiful Faith: For Irregular (and Regular) People

Accidental Saints: Finding God in all the Wrong People


“I’m why we have bishops. Someone like me should have a bishop. I shouldn’t be doing my own thing out there. I would give it three months before it turned into a ‘Heart of Darkness’ situation. On some level, somebody should be looking over my shoulder saying, ‘Are you still on the Yellow Brick Road, or have you taken these people into a field of poppies?’ Fortunately, I have a bishop that I respect a great deal and who totally has my back.”

“The problem with the church, really, is that it’s filled with people. God’s not the problem. So, I think the minute we fail to remember that everyone we’re dealing with are sinners and so are we, then we’re just set up to have weird expectations and then feel disappointed.”


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