Jewish blogger, Robert Cohen is back on the show, sharing with us lessons from his faith journey. So if you’re interested in knowing more about the connection between faith, ancestry and land, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, interfaith marriage, what a Jew makes of church, and what a true prophet looks like, then this is the episode for you!

Image provided by Robert Song. Used with permission.


Writing From the Edge


“I think we’re all asking the same questions really. We might have a different language and a different liturgy to try and answer them. But fundamentally, we’re all trying to work out why are we here and what is being asked of us and how we’re meant to behave.”

“If God is all-powerful and is as great as our liturgy wants us to say that He is, then why am I limiting His room for manoeuvre? Who am I to say that it isn’t a good idea for Him to somehow place Himself on Earth in the form of a human being and use that as a way to help explain how He wants people to be and we are to live?”


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