Eve Tushnet is a freelance writer and blogger. And she’s gay, Catholic and celibate. So we asked Eve to tell us the story of how she went from atheist lesbian, to Catholic and celibate. And what she learnt about love, friendship and what it means to commit to the Church.

Image provided by Eve Tushnet. Used with permission.


Gay and Catholic: Accepting My Sexuality, Finding Community, Living My Faith


“To the extent that the discussion of sexuality and same-sex relationships draws out what are the kinds of love that are open to you if you are gay, that I think is a really crucially important and fascinating question. If it’s about scriptural interpretation, I flat out admit that I don’t understand the Bible, so I’m less equipped to handle that discussion.”

“The nice thing about labels is that they help connect you to other people who have the same label. They sort of form a community and help you define community.”


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