With yet another terrorist atrocity in the news – this time leading to the deaths of at least 38 people in Tunisia – people are again asking, ‘Is Islam inherently violent?’

We ask Carl Medearis, an international expert is Muslim-Christian relations who has lived, worked, and traveled in the Middle East for the last 30 years, to help us unpack this question.

Image provided by Carl Medearis. Used with permission.
Want more? There’s plenty of content on Carl’s website, his books are well worth casting your eye over, and most significantly you can check out our interview with him, Jesus vs. Christianity


Carl’s also head of Modern Middle East Studies at William Jessup University, where you can have a crack at an online course looking at such things as Islam, Jesus in a Muslim context and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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One comment on “Carl Medearis – Is Islam Inherently Violent? (N100)

  1. I liked the interview until the last part of the reflection. Why do we in the West think that capitalism, and Western practices in general, will make everyone better? If only the ‘backwards people’ would become more like us with our economics, technology, ethics, etc. then they will be better people because of it. That is horrible reasoning! Saying that means that we should not follow Jesus, but the free market capitalism of the West because in the end that is what’s going to save us. Why do we not look at what capitalism has taken away from those ‘backwards people’? By doing that we might see how our choices have forced people into doing things that they might not normally do. Just a thought.

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