Robert Song is a professor in the department of Theology and Religion at Durham Uni. He recently wrote ‘Covenant and Calling’, in which he challenges traditional ideas of marriage, having children and celibacy and proposes a whole new category of relationship, called ‘covenant partnerships’. And he reaches these conclusions not by looking to Genesis, or pulling out proof texts, but by looking to what life will be like when God’s Kingdom fully comes. So brace yourself for some serious thinking!

Image provided by Robert Song. Used with permission.


Covenant and Calling: Towards a Theology of Same-Sex Relationships


“My own view is that at the end of the day, the real reason – both biblically and actually broader cultural and even in terms of evolution – the real reason why we have two genders and therefore complementarities ultimately because that is the way human being are. That is, we procreate through two genders. That’s the actual root of it all. Now, once you take procreation out of the picture – as I think one does AD – then we have a very different view of what relationships might be about.”

“Let’s not talk about, ‘It’s either the plain truth of Scripture or disobedience.’ Actually, Scripture itself operates at a number of different levels and we may need to just look at the richer, deeper, thicker theological story that comes out of it.”


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