10 years ago Marina Cantacuzino began to interview people who had suffered all sorts of trauma, abuse and wrongdoing, but who instead of choosing vengeance chose forgiveness. It’s easy as Christians to think that we’ve cornered the market on forgiveness, but listening to these stories from people from a range of faith traditions and none is deeply challenging and inspiring. So we asked Marina to share the wisdom she’s gained from working on The Forgiveness Project.

Image by The Forgiveness Project. Used with permission.


The Forgiveness Project: Stories for a Vengeful Age


The Forgiveness Project


“I think the crucial element to forgiveness is empathy and compassion. It requires you to connect in some way with the other, the enemy, the person that’s hurt you.”

“Some people will say you earn forgiveness, you deserve it, you show repentance and apology and remorse. But for many people…forgiveness is an act of self-healing.”


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