This podcast comes to you from Nomad’s first offline Gathering. We had a great weekend of food, drink, conversation, music and meditation. We also interviewed Mark Vernon. Mark was an Anglican priest but developed deep doubts about the faith. His subsequent journey took him through atheism, to agnosticism, through ancient Greek philosophy, to a Christian faith that sees doubt and uncertainty as integral parts.

Image provided by Mark Vernon. Used with permission.

If you’d like a pleasing visual summary of our conversation with Mark, then look no further than Angie Carney’s pleasing visual summary of our conversation with Mark…


If you want to further explore the ideas of faith and doubt with Mark, then get a copy of his excellent How To Be An Agnostic, in which he recounts his journey from Anglican Priest to Atheist to ‘Christian Agnostic’. I also thoroughly enjoyed The Meaning of Friendship and Love: All That Matters. – Tim


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One comment on “Mark Vernon – The Art of Uncertainty (N144)

  1. Roger May 3, 2017

    Excellent discussion.

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