We recently invited the beloved listener to Nottingham for Nomad’s first offline get-together. It was a splendid weekend of conversation, interviews, music, food and drink. And we recorded some of it for you. First up is a Q&A we did on the Friday night, where David Benjamin Blower asked us about the Nomad story and what impact the last few years of podcasting has had on our faith. Personally, I think we’re much better at interviewing people than we are at being interviewed, but nevertheless I hope you enjoy the podcast!

Images by Chris Donald & Dave Fry. Used with permission.

Image by Elysia Willis. Used with permission.

If you want more chit-chat from Tim and Dave about their lives, then tune into the Q&A Marathon they did at the end of 2015.


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2 comments on “Nomad Gathering – The Nomad Story (N143)

  1. Kim Shorley Apr 21, 2017

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the podcast, I was saddened not to be able to attend but hope that you were encouraged and are planning more.

    In regards to your thoughts over diversity, have you considered contacting the Reverend Inderjit Bhogal, I am sure that his thoughts and conversations would be insightful to the Nomad journeying.

    • Hi Kim. Yeah, we are hoping to do more (I think). We’ll keep you posted!
      Thanks for letting us know about Inderjit Bhogal. Someone else mentioned him a while back, so we’ll definitely chase him up at some point!

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