In our sixth instalment of our Pentecost for Progressives series, we bring you Roger Mitchell.

Roger is an Honorary Research Fellow at Lancaster University and has pioneered a movement around the idea of Kenarchy, by which he means ‘self emptying power’. And it is this theme he skilfully weaves into a Pentecost refection.

Image provided by Roger Mitchell. Used with permission.

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  1. Roger here! Just a few adjustments to the splendid introduction. Firstly, I’m not a lecturer at Lancaster University, but an Honorary Research Fellow, which is a rather more liminal role. I teach just one course, the postgraduate certificate of accreditation in Political Theology for Peace. (Which by the way I’m currently recruiting for, details to be found here: I also teach an undergraduate course on Peace Reconciliation and the Politics of Jesus for the Westminster Theology Centre: Secondly, while it is true that I was one of the leaders of the Ichthus Christian Fellowship (who by the way wouldn’t sit easily with the description Pentecostal), I’ve had no association with it for more than twenty years. You can find out more about what I’ve been up to since those days here:

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