We chat with activist and scholar Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza about their journey towards reconnecting with their body, and the role bodies play in dismantling oppression.

Robyn inhabits a non-binary, autistic, trans, Latinx body, and we ask if they were able to find a safe space within church for their embodiment journey, whether the Christianity they inherited needed deconstructing, and whether they could find a home in a more progressive Christianity.

After the interview Tim Nash and Joy Brooks talk about their experiences growing up evangelical and the role that reconnecting with their bodies has played in the deconstruction and ongoing evolution of their faith.

Interview starts at 15m 11s


Robyn Henderson-Espinoza


Body Becoming: A Path to Our Liberation

Activist Theology


“I don’t feel like I was born in the wrong body; I feel like the way that the world expects me to be is not who I understand myself to be.”

“My body’s been teaching me that I’m enough and that my needs are not too much. My body’s been teaching me that I am perpetually on a journey of becoming.”

“How do we suture the wounds of the world? It’s not through violence. So many of us are tired talking about it. So – how do we do that? And I think it’s through relationship.”

“All forms of supremacy compromise ethical futures. We need a world of interdependence and mutuality. I think that’s what bringing heaven to earth means.”


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