Professor Tom Wright has got another book out! If you found the 1800 page tome that was Paul and the Faithfulness of God a little intimidating, then perhaps try his mere 500 page Paul: A Biography. Or failing that, how about a 50 minute Nomad interview to bring you up to speed with Tom’s new insights on the apostle Paul. And fascinating insights they are too. Did you know, for example, that Paul struggled with doubts and with his mental health? No, we didn’t either. So tune in for this, and so much more…

Image taken by Tim Nash. Used with permission.

We highly recommend Tom’s book Paul: A Biography. It’s definitely worth the time and effort as it really opens up Paul and his world. If you still want more, then crikey, where to start?! He’s written quite a few books! So perhaps kick things off with our previous interview  about his book The Day the Revolution Began.

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2 comments on “Tom Wright – The Reconstruction of Paul (N181)

  1. LP Dion Sep 20, 2018

    Can’t get enough of Prof Wright. Cat feeding on the other hand, I do every day.(but you made my wife laugh) Tim Nash has a way of dropping depth charges into my theology(in a good way) Today’s charge was on how we view Paul as this super rational, intellectual, just-the-facts-Ma’am guy, but then his life-altering Damascus Rd experience was of a mystical nature. Merkavah / Chariot Mysticism as per Prof Wright.

    Now that I know this, I’ll never unknow it. But I don’t know what to do with it.

    • Glad you found the episode helpful!
      Paul the mystic. Who knew?! Makes me think we need to explore mysticism on the show at some point. Tim

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