From just two verses at the end of Romans, Paula Gooder has gleaned some fascinating insights about Phoebe. She was likely a freed slave, who became wealthy and influential. And she was a deacon who carried Paul’s letter to the Church in Rome, and most likely explained it to them. From these intriguing details, Paula has written a novel, exploring the life of this woman (and others) in the early church.
So we met up with Paula to chat about women in the early church and the church today. And as you’d expect from Paula is was a conversation brimming with enthusiasm, wisdom and insight.

Image provided by Paula Gooder. Used with permission.

if you want to be transported into the world of the early church, and consider in fresh ways the role of women, then we highly recommend Paula’s novel Phoebe. And if you’re interested in exploring an embodied spirituality, then have a listen to our 2016 interview with her…


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One comment on “Paula Gooder – Phoebe, Patriarchy and Faithful Improvisation (N180)

  1. Sean Rhoades Sep 10, 2018

    I think we can look at God as Mother in the body of the Church. The Church consist of those who do what Father God wills. The Church is not one particular group such as the Roman Catholic Church, Babtist Church, Methodist Church, or any one particular denomination, but may consist of members within any one of them. It is scattered within, and without.

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