You’re no doubt aware that the Church has been in steady decline in the West for a number of decades now. In the UK for example, Church attendance has roughly halved in the last thirty five years. But what do we know about all the people who left? Why did they leave? And what are they doing now? Researcher Steve Aisthorpe contacted 5000 church leavers to find out more. And what it discovered revealed a much more hopeful, but no less challenging picture of the Church!

Image provided by Steve Aisthorpe. Used with permission.

If you want to dig deeper into the growing phenomena of churchless Christians, then check out Steve’s book The Invisible Church.

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One comment on “Steve Aisthorpe – The Invisible Church (N179)

  1. Helen Hickson Aug 24, 2018

    Thank you. Your research has confirmed my lifelong experience of many many people I meet and share fellowship with outside of church, whilst I myself have hung in there in traditional church. Now training for ordination, I continue to listen… Many thanks for holding the evidence to view and respond to constructively with integrity.

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