We speak with Doug King about the evolution of his faith, progressing from Christian fundamentalism to a post-Christian identity. At the heart of Doug’s understanding of this journey is the historical framework of Spiral Dynamics, a model that illuminates the evolution of worldviews across cultures worldwide. This model reveals that the journey many of us have been on – from fundamentalism, through deconstruction, to a more expansive, inclusive spirituality – are not isolated personal experiences, but an integral part of the collective evolution of the human race.

After the interview Tim and Nick share their own experience of Spiral Dynamics, and how it’s helped them make sense of their own journeys.

Interview starts at 18m 58s

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Evolutionary Leaders


“Spiral dynamics is a model of the way worldviews have evolved across the planet, and how those worldviews go from stage to stage in every culture.”

“One of the primary principles of the spiral is ‘transcend and include.'”

“The problem is not the narrative; the problem is the interpretive lens that we’ve brought to the narrative.”

“We evolve when our life conditions become unworkable.”

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