Here’s the second part of our four-part Advent Devotional series. This time philosopher and theologian Elaine Storkey bases her reflection around the idea of Peace Across Borders. Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams again brings the readings along with Kate Blower, and David Benjamin Blower brings the music and songs.

Images provided by SPCK and Magdalene College. Used with permission.


“As the wise men travel the road from Babylon in the East to Jerusalem, they bring back the gold, frankincense and myrrh stolen so many years before from David’s House. This too, is what Isaiah would promise would happen: the same foreigners that looted Jerusalem would some day rebuild her walls, and their kings would serve her.”

“In the Gospels, there’s a huge contrast between those in come in peace in fulfilment of the Messianic prophecy, and Herod, the king, who responds with anything but peace. He belongs to the old world order: that which stands in contrast with the kingdom of God. His instinct is to murder and destroy, because he fears any new king. He fears the potential erosion of his own power base. He is not interested in the international offer of peace: his mind is set on conflict and bloodshed because that’s in his own self interest.”

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