It’s week three of our four-part Advent Devotional series. This time philosopher and theologian Elaine Storkey considers how Advent might be Good News to the Poor. Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams continues to work his way through the Advent readings, with the help of Kate Blower. And David Benjamin Blower continues to bring the music and songs. So good!

Images provided by SPCK and Magdalene College. Used with permission.


“So why were the shepherds singled out for this good news of great joy? Why did they get this wonderful but terrifying visit from the singing angels rather than the carpenters, or thatchers? And why didn’t the angels come to tell the synagogue leaders, or scribes and Pharisees? Well, we have no idea, except that’s the way God works: it’s to the ordinary people, the every-day, the ones who put up with their lot, those who know the struggles of poverty and hardship, that God does spring his message of joy and celebration.”

“This doesn’t just affect the economically poor, because we’re all poor in the sight of God, whether we have wealth or nothing, because we’re spiritually needy, often with lives we’ve messed up in one way or another. The good news for all of us is that brokenness, poverty, things we’ve done wrong, do not have the last word. God’s love reaches us through all that, and offers us forgiveness and a new sight.”

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