Author and poet Jay Hulme joins us to talk about his literal and metaphorical search to connect with a variety of ancient and eccentric saintly figures. Weaving together themes of wilderness, faith, sexuality and decay, Jay speaks of the connections he discovered and the inspiration we might find when examining these lives from long ago.

Following the interview Anna and Joy consider their past and present relationships to religious saints and reflect on what role these themes play in their lives today.

Interview begins at 16m 25s

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Jay Hulme


The Vanishing Song

The Backwater Sermons

Clouds Cannot Cover Us


“A good poem will take two disparate things and make a point out of them by connecting them in a way that’s unusual, or unthought of, or unconsidered. And I think that’s a really good way to consider how we experience faith.”

“It’s about reconciling our community of the past, our community of the present and our community of the future in God, and knowing that God holds us all in that. God forgives the past, God encourages the future, and God stands with us in the present. And it’s about all of that happening all at once in that moment outside of time and inside of time.”

“One day, I will be a shattered skull in a graveyard, and that’s okay. Because that’s what happens and has happened to everybody who has ever gone before us. And the world’s still spinning.”

“Is that not what trans people do, but help people to see the truth of God better?”


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