As part of her personal spiritual journey and theological master’s research, Lindsay Monroe invited a group of women to explore the impact of purity culture on their sexuality. We invite her to discuss what she discovered, about the harm inflicted by this ideology and how we might be open to finding healthier and more authentic ways forward.

Following the interview, Nick Thorley and Joy Brooks consider their experiences of purity culture and how they might develop a wider understanding of sexuality.

Interview starts at 15m 32s

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Lindsay Munroe


“Anyone who has had any contact with Purity Culture has heard a story where they and their sexuality was compared to some kind of inanimate object that was used and sustained irrevocable harm.”

“I’m not against teaching kids about sex in a way that encourages boundaries. But I don’t see anything redeemable in Purity Culture.”

“Especially in situations where you’ve been harmed, feeling anger is proof that you believe yourself to be worthy of something beyond that.”

“There is no perfect answer to how to have a healthy sexuality after Purity Culture – it’s going to look different with everyone. And that can feel terrifying. But past that terrifying feeling that there might be a right thing to do, there’s this incredible, curious, creative world of being able to explore and get to know yourself better.”


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  1. Anita Nov 28, 2023

    This was really moving – where can we read Lindsay’s research?

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