Psychotherapist and philosopher Mark Vernon chats with us about his evolving faith journey, and his conviction that nurturing our spiritual intelligence is crucial if we are to survive and thrive in these troubled times. Known by many names, spiritual intelligence, Mark contends, is the foundation of who we are and the foundation of peace, purpose and solidarity.

After the interview, Nomad hosts Anna Robinson, Joy Brooks and Tim Nash reflect on the framing of spirituality as an intelligence and ponder which of Mark’s observations might help shape their ongoing spiritual evolution.

Interview starts at 23m 31s

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Mark Vernon


Spiritual Intelligence in Seven Steps

Dante’s Divine Comedy: A Guide for the Spiritual Journey

A Secret History of Christianity: Jesus, The Last Inkling, And The Evolution Of Consciousness

How To Be An Agnostic


“For all its faults that we know so much about – the religious inspiration, the desire for the infinite, for the eternal – it can bring out the worst in human beings, but it also can bring out that which seems to transcend even the worst.”

“The fundamental thing that drives us as human beings is a curiosity, a desire to know wider reality. That’s what keeps us human.”

“That which is good, beautiful, and true leads to the fullest flourishing of life; it leads to God.”

“Ultimately, a spiritual experience is one that wants you to transform – to become more than you were before.”


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  1. You mentioned a book about Wandering, what was it please? Thanks

    • Sorry Matt, I can’t remember, it was a couple of episodes ago now. Who mentioned the book, Mark, Joy, Anna or me? Tim

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